Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pass the Popcorn, the Barry Show Has Started

Here's an interesting piece from the 2004 NYT. It's necessary to connect the dots. Even a typical white person can do that.

We know this week someone accessed Barry Obama's passport files and he was outraged. Of course John McCain's files were also accessed but he's in the Middle East preoccupied with world events so hasn't troubled his head with such things. Then we find out the person who was poking around in those files works for John Brennan. John Brennan, ex-CIA, who just happens to be Barry's intelligence advisor. Then we go back four years and see Brennan already trying to undercut the security of this country.

You gotta hand it to Barry, he really knows how to pick his friends.

Published: New York Times July 22, 2004--Economic Scene; To improve terrorism data, the U.S. should follow the lead of economic statistics

No changes in procedures to prevent a repeat of the kinds of errors in this year's terrorism report or the perennial partisanship that accompanies it have been announced. The idea of inviting an independent organization to evaluate the report's methods and procedures was shelved, although an internal review is pending.

In a briefing for Congressional staff members, J. Cofer Black of the State Department and John O. Brennan of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center, who accepted responsibility for the errors in the report, floated the idea of dropping the detailed chronology from next year's report. Not only would such a move violate Congress's requirement for ''a full and complete report,'' it would also be counterproductive -- more objective information on terrorist attacks is needed, not less.

Indeed, the errors in this year's report could not have been caught had the chronology been excluded.

It doesn't pass the sniff test to this Typical White Person.

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