Monday, April 6, 2009

Ted Nugent: Praying For 44 to Fail

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Observe how the Obama media machine and soulless liberal media jumped on Rush Limbaugh’s comments that he “wanted Obama to fail.”

Anyone with a half a brain knows Rush wants only this: for America to succeed and for anti-American policies to fail.

To leave no doubt where I, your humble Motor City guitarslinger, stands, let me report without ambiguity, that I get down on bended knee daily and pray to God that he does what he can to ensure President Obama fails.

To repeat: I pray for President Obama to fail.

Like Rush, I wouldn’t want Obama to fail if his agenda weren’t built on feeding the gluttonous, unaccountable Fedzilla beast, so clearly the enemy of the free market, of real jobs and proven economic growth.

Since that is Obama’s agenda, however, those of us who believe in a limited federal government and the wondrous wealth-and-job-creating free market should hope, pray and work to ensure Obama’s anti-free market policies fall flat on their face.

A wise man once stated that those who fail to remember the lessons of the past are destined to repeat them. If we can compare President Obama’s economic carnage agenda to anyone in the recent past, it unquestionably would be Jimmy Carter.

Carter’s deranged economic policies in the late 1970s ruined the economy and put America in the worst fiscal shape since the Great Depression.

Remember gas rationing, double-digit interest rates, stagflation?

Fast-forward just a few months after American voters fired Carter for his gross incompetence on all levels. America was on the road to a 25-year economic expansion, possibly the longest in our nation’s history.

Recognizing that unfair, punitive high taxes were the road to economic destruction, Ronald Reagan cut taxes and the economy lifted off. Interest rates fell. Inflation was curtailed. Americans went back to work in droves.

Economic emancipator

Not only was Reagan the great communicator — he also the great economic emancipator.

One would have to be brain-dead to want to return to the economic doldrums of the Carter years and further embrace European-style socialism. But that’s where it appears America is headed with Obama in charge.

His spending is dangerously reckless and virtually unprecedented. He’s committed to raising taxes on the producers and employers, something that will further drive the economy south.

To those of you who voted for President Obama, how is this hope and change working out for you?

As for Rush, his ratings have increased. More have tuned in to a wonderful show where the man entertains and informs us. He’ll take on the libs with half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair.

Remember your history and pray for President Obama to fail. I fear for America if we allow him to succeed.

Ted Nugent is a Waco-based musician and television show host. Contact him directly at

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