Sunday, April 27, 2008

Instead of Uniting America

It's like Barry threw a Race Bomb into our midst. I never saw anything like this before 2008 and the bad part is now I think it's appropriate.

Earlier today I likened the muslim demand for jizya to the demands of Jeremiah "G-d Damn Amerikkka" Wright and Al "I Used Tawana Brawley To Bash Whites" Sharpton.

"Convict the cops who shot Sean Bell or I'm shutting down New York City," Sharpton ranted this week. That's just the wrong thing to say to me.

I believe in the goodness and generosity of Americans (all Americans) but I don't like being held up for ransom. I don't know how much we can be pushed without pushing back. That antipathy thing for people who are not exactly like us and all will probably come out. Geewillikers, what American is exactly
like the next American? We're the most diverse country on the planet.

Unlike Michelle Ma Belle, I'm proud of America and grateful to be an American.

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