Monday, April 14, 2008

My Barry Epiphany du Jour

I was going from Dr. Sanity to Neoneocon this morning and I realized something so wrote it to a pal who advised me to post it online. I wondered where. LGF? No. Then I realized I have a blog devoted to Barry, so it belongs here.

As I have stated before, the people in this country I look to to save us are the common person. The military which includes all former military (except the idiot ex-seabee up the road, I have doubts he'll ever get it), my neighbors with all their guns and understanding that Islamberg is a bad thing without going to the internet to have it explained, the good women who still belong to their churches in whatever flavor who hold bake sales and who spruce up their towns in spring by planting flowers on the green or hang baskets of flowers from light poles each year. These are the people who will save this country. They are everywhere, they are the fabric of this country and I believe in their essential goodness and I believe in their common sense.

These are the very people Obama attacks.

Not because he decries them, but because he knows exactly where the strength of America is and he must kill that if his Marxism is ever to take root.

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