Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barry's Little Woman

Many weeks ago now I posted something at a site and remarked that I wondered if anyone else was getting the feeling the Obamas don't like white people much. Within seconds I was jumped on. NO! I thought okey-dokey, it's too early for some people to get it.

Fast forward. Do you all still think they like or even respect white folk?

There's been a rumor this week that Rush Limbaugh has a tape of Michelle in the pulpit at Trinity raving about whiteys. (Is that how it's spelled? I've never paid all that much attention to race until the Obamas showed up on the scene to spoil everything.)

I believe the Obamas hate whites. Especially Michelle. She surely looks downright mean and I'm not kidding about that. I have an excellent imagination but I cannot imagine these two in the White House (can it be repainted to acceptable African colors?--what are those green, red and black?) To have these two people in the White House and their coterie of America haters--this is like the cheapest Hollywood B movie.

It's one thing to have someone as dumb as John Kerry in there, but two people with the deep resentment, hostility and animus to hate the majority of the country?

I hope the rumor is true. That Sean Hannity does have the tape, that Rush has the tape, that Hillary has the tape. I hope they play it. I hope the majority begins to ask the same questions I'm asking now.

What would it be like to have a President who hates you? Let me rephrase that, what would it be like to have an American President who hates America?

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