Saturday, November 1, 2008

He Hates Us

He Really Hates Us.

No, seriously. What does Barry love about America? (We'll skip Michelle, she really really hates us.)

How can a man such as this be president? In the entire, albeit short, history of America we've never had a president who so dismisses the principles the country was founded on, and frankly, as I've said for months, I'm not convinced he likes white folks. When has he ever said anything good about white people although he's certainly found opportunity to demean us. Typical White People like his left-leaning grandma, even she couldn't pass muster. Her big sin? Fearing for her safety when threatened by a man who incidentally was black. (Barry could be in therapy longer than Woody Allen and all his issues would never be solved.)

Can you imagine Barry willingly DYING for America? I can't. How could we elect a man who couldn't do that? Who wouldn't take a bullet for us?

John McCain did. He was tortured for over 5 years. Who really has steel in his spine?

What bad thing ever happened to Barry in his cushy protected, drug taking life? This has been a picnic for him. And I don't believe for one second he was demeaned for being a mulatto boy. Poles have jokes told about them, Jews, Italians, Irish, blondes. Everyone hears things said that may not be so pleasant. Why if he heard anything at all was it so soul-crushing? Because if it wasn't he couldn't use it against America and Americans.

No, Barry went on his merry way learning at his mama's knee that America was a bad bad place and the seeds of this hatred were planted in Stanley Ann's womb. Neither he nor Michelle know anything about us. They are aliens in our midst. They think the Constitution is flawed, that we're flawed and only someone as unflawed as they can put America on the path they envision.

What Barack Hussein Obama exhibits is a kind of pathology. He needs to take something good and turn it into something bad. He needs to find fault. And you can't find one person in his life who didn't and doesn't hold these same pathologies.

We right thinking Americans don't want to change paths, we think America was right from the beginning. America is a shining example of what's possible when people are free. America has always been a blessing and curses will accrue to those who believe it's a curse.