Friday, October 31, 2008

Fright Night

You should be scared tonight. We are 4 days away from the possibility of having an unrepentent socialist in the White House. This will change our country, our laws, our lives, the lives of future Americans. It will be hard if not impossible to unscramble the egg. Don't think it's not a big deal if he gets in, we can get him out in 4 years. Maybe we can but how many Supreme Court Justices will be appointted in those 4 years? How many lesser court judges? How many laws and policies will be pushed through if there is a super-majority? How many giveaway policies will be created? How many have been instituted in the past that we're not still dealing with today?

Vote. Convince your friends and neighbors that Barry Obama is a dangerous man. How? By telling them the truth. This is not the X-Files but the truth is out there. It's here, that's why I started this blog so all the important articles and vids I saw would be in one place for you.

What do I think the outcome will be? I think we've been lied to. Has Barry told the truth about anything? No. Is the MSM on his side? Yes. Are the pollsters on his side? Yes. Are the polls skewed? Yes.

Why do you think Barry went back to PA? Why is Gov. Rendell sweating bullets?

Because he's not walking away with this thing. It's nowhere near as close as they've said this past week. For all we really know, McCain may be ahead. There was an insider saying the pollsters are getting an 80% refusal rate when they call to find out who the resident is voting for.
People don't want to say they're not voting for Barry. Why invited the hassle and the insults? They've seen what's happened to Joe the Plumber. It's been said loud and clear if you don't vote for Barry you're a racist. Who wants to hear that when the reason we don't want him is that he's an inexperienced socialist jerk who has done one thing in his adult life, well two, he's made friends with every low-life terrorist he came across and he's positioned himself for just this moment. He has only ever, grand narcissist that he is, wanted to be POTUS.

Deny that to him. Vote. Get everyone you know to vote. Make it a party. Celebrate it afterwards knowing you did your duty as an American citizen and patriot. Send that carpetbagger packing.

Pray if you're that kind of person. Ask God to inspire Americans to do what good Americans have always done--protect this country because it's been a blessing and a gift to all of us. America needs us now.

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