Saturday, August 9, 2008

Honolulu Baby

Barry and the family (look at Michie in the grass skirt above, cute huh?) are in Hawaii for a much needed vacation from the campaign and also to see his dear elderly, typically white person grandma who I suppose he must first extricate from under the bus because he tossed her there for while giving him everything is still considered a racist.

It was a good week, I think you can admit. It ended on a high note for me with the purchase of a new computer and on a low note for Dems across the board. Barry was trounced by Mac in several quick fire vids, San Fran Nan's book flopped, and the rest of the sorry lot can't get on the right side of Drill Here Drill Now.

The lowest low note must be reserved for John Edwards who conducted an affair with a moonbat (and probably fathered a baby with the renamed chippie, Rielle Hunter) while his wife is dying of cancer. I don't see how you can go lower than that in interpersonal relationships but I assume some lefty will discover the way.

Here's a clip from Sons of the Desert for your entertainment and approval.

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