Saturday, August 30, 2008

What Makes Barry Run

One must wonder what Barry's mindset is this weekend. I take that back because he's not like us. He's really not like us. I'm assuming we're a balance of all emotions and experiences. That's what it means to grow up into adulthood, you learn to balance all the disparate events of your life and, like an alchemist, you turn it into you. Sometimes we lose our balance and one element predominates for a snippet of time but like a gyroscope, we return to center.

Barry is not like this. His needs are way out of whack. I don't know how it could be otherwise given his very dysfunctional childhood. I do not blame his grandparents at all even though they were of course typical white people. Barry's father was a rogue and left them and his mother apparently had better things to do like living out the feminist dictums of having a career and self-actualizing so much like Casey Anthony who only wanted to party without Caylee being a millstone around her neck, Stanley Ann dumped the little mulatto boy with the racist grandparents while she went off to express her inner goddess or whatever was calling to her.

Little cafe au lait boy in a white world with no parents. It's a hole in his heart, in his psyche. No approval could be enough for him. There is not one iota of the humble in his being. He may say he is but then he has a rally in a football stadium to 80,000 cheering obamabots. Antithesis of humble. Call it compensation for what he lacks inside.

I must say I feared the worst for this rally and if you saw my vid "See Hope!" you know what I expected. Luckily he's actually no Hitler who really must have both had something extraordinary about him and caught a wave of German angst at the peak moment. Barry is a good speaker compared to everyone else on the scene today but he can't sell a bullshit idea like Adolf could. So while there were people crying in the audience calling it a transformative experience, freak me, people said the same thing about JZ Knight who was channeling a spirit guide, too. It just wasn't as great as he/his ego needed it to be.

So we have an egomaniac, a very slick one granted, running for the presidency with another miniature man as his running mate. Joe Biden is a mean-spirited man. This happens when you seek to elevate yourself by tearing other people down and he's a master at this gambit. What psychological insufficiency pushed Barry into this choice is a topic for another post.

It all looked pretty grim until yesterday morning when Sarah Palin was added to this equation.
Instead of everyone fawning over the pretend wonder of Barry's acceptance speech and fireworks display, everyone is talking about Sarah Palin.

The McCain team is playing Barry like a fiddle. This is Barry's true vulnerability. It's not that he's a socialist, that he chooses friends and mentors unwisely or that he can be gotten on his less than no experience issue. The vulnerability is that he's got a soft spot. He's flat-footed. He cannot think on his feet and he's not a man of action. He is easily out-maneuvered. It's like putting a Piper Cub up against an F-16. Mac knows something about flying jets and apparently he is skilled in maneuvers as well.

It's a long way to Tipperary and it's a long way to the election. A lot can happen between then and now but for the first time I feel relieved to have Mac driving this plane.

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