Sunday, September 7, 2008

FBI File on Barry's Mentor Frank Marshall Davis

Today Clark Hoyt of the left leaning (if they lean any further, they'll fall over) NY Slimes says their reporting is fine. If it was so fine, why wasn't this reported? No, we get endless nonsense about Sarah Palin's life but zip on The One (trademark pending).

Here's the bottom line. The country is at war. The right is fighting the islamofascists and the left is fighting America. I see no indication they want this country to survive as it has been. All The One talks about is changing and remaking it. I wish he'd go to Cuba and remake that first. Some of us think America is pretty damn great and if you don't like it you are still free to leave. There has never been a Communist paradise, Mr. The One, where you could leave if you weren't happy.

But, like the islamofascists, the point is not to be happy but to destroy and conquer and rule with an iron hand. Rule according to their notion of what's good for people. Because, you see, socialists think we're too stupid to live our own lives. They are the elites and know best.

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