Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Lightning Rod In a Pencil Skirt

Remember just a few short weeks ago this election was all about racism? We were getting bashed over the head every other minute about how either this is such a racist country (reread Michelle's Princeton thesis) or how transformative The One will be once in office. Once whites get through with their nearly endless penances for all past transgressions, we can walk into a glowing post-racial future.

With Sarah Palin's arrival on the scene, the racism meme has been dumped. Enter the derision meme. Sarah has become a lightning rod drawing to her every vile thought and hateful emotion people have held in their misogynistic hearts. Hate your mother? Project it onto Sarah. Hate your wife? Sarah again. Hate yourself because she's embraced what the women's movement was all about and you failed? Blame Sarah. You just hate? Hate Sarah, she's a safe target.

There is nothing worse than being a woman and a conservative. This woman must be put into her place. What place? Alaska is far enough, make her go home to Alaska the left is whining. She should be chastened and embarrassed and it's okay to do the same to her family, who cares just as long as the status quo is maintained.

We're ready for a metrosexual, effete intellectual black to be president but eeek! we're not ready for a woman especially not THIS woman. This woman exudes a scary sexuality, she's fertile, she's beautiful, she's in the physical condition of a marathoner because she runs marathons. She juggles career and family with aplomb and the First Dude is still her guy. To make things worse, she's a Christian and she supports Israel. Mein Got im Himmel she's a nightmare.

Since going to her hotel in the middle of the night with torches and pitchforks to dispatch Mrs Palin (none of that Ms stuff for her) something else must be tried. Ah. Yes, the left has spent decades positioning themselves as arbiters of everything by using the media. Send in the clowns!
Oh looky, the clowns are here.

The left have had a very nice time in their catbird's seat, pontificating from their positions in the media, taking swipes at the right with impunity. Something changed this week and the right stopped being polite. (The left was never polite and they've gone off the rails during the Bush administration.) The right has had enough and they're saying it loud and clear.

The left is now whining--check out this example about a Baltimore Sun report who hit Sarah hard and got more in return than she expected. (Call the waaaambulance.)

I have no compassion for Susan Reimer of the Sun or Andrea Mitchell or Oprah for that matter.
They thought they had a lock on their cushy positions as mean-spirited commentators on our lives. Of course they're shocked to find things have changed.

Things have changed and they're not going back to the way they once were.

You really have come a long way, baby.
Go Sarah! Go Sarah! Go Sarah!

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