Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lipstick Smears

Well. Barry did step in it yesterday and it wasn't a pedicure at the Elizabeth Arden Day Spa. The guy's a goofball and a mental lightweight. He makes one question the wisdom of Affirmative Action. Sending him to Harvard was a huge waste of money because they taught him nothing about public speaking.

Did he mean to conjure up an image of Sarah Palin with his pig and lipstick reference? Of course! That's why half the people in his audience cheered and rose to their feet. Did he mean it consciously or subconsciously? That's probably best analyzed by a shrink but having written a lot of dialog and worked with actors the part of the clip that captures my attention are the moments preceding the statement.

Barry seems conflicted, tormented, as he raises his hand to his forehead and his face contorts into a expression of discomfort. Was he told to say this and it was going against what little judgment he seems to possess? Was it something that came to him unscripted and he was unsure of the wisdom of saying it? Then knowing how badly his campaign is going and having little or no life experience to give him a hint regarding the possible outcome, Barry plunged ahead.

Today instead of talking about issues, we're talking about Sarah. We see Barry as a flat-footed dolt or worse, a sexist pig. Women are very annoyed with Barry, some say they're beyond furious.

I doubt very much that Sarah Palin gives such nonsense a serious thought except the benefit to the campaign. She is far above such comments.

As a woman of faith, perhaps this quote has come to her mind more than once in the past 11 days. Genesis 50:20--But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good.

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