Friday, October 17, 2008

A chicken in every pot, a Dacha for everyone!

I think George Bush should resign after Barry wins on November 4. I mean, it's the gentlemanly thing to do. When you see how great America can be, you just want that to start immediately not in January! Michelle has been staying at the Waldorf Astoria and while there isn't a chicken in the pot there (LOL!), she has been enjoying lobster and Iranian caviar. Doesn't that sound delish? This is only a taste ;-) of what awaits all of us. Michel Cluizel and Angus Thirwell chocolates 24/7!

Everyone's been wondering where Michelle's been keeping herself. Some really mean people (Rethuglicans) have suggested she's in a padded room with her mouth duct-taped shut. No, that's not true. She's been out dacha hunting! What's a dacha? It's a weekend home. On good authority, I was fortunate enough to be sent a photo of the house in Hawaii they're going to purchase. (Or that dear George Soros is going to buy and put in Barry's name!) Hawaii is home for Barry, after all, a good place to relax and of course, the beach is right there for his adorable little daughters.

Here it is!

Because everyone gets a piece of the pie in the New America, here's the dacha my name is down for.

Why oh why do we have to wait for the election?! We know how this is going to turn out. Barry is going to win. I just don't see the point in going through the motions when Acorn has assured that all the swing states belong to us.

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