Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who is John Galt?

So a little Russian Jewish girl, Alisa Rosenbaum, came to America in a pretty bad mood and stayed that way for the rest of her life. Ayn Rand renamed herself to cast off every unwelcome aspect of her heritage, and came up with something called Objectivism which I couldn't begin to explain but I did read most of her books. The best is We The Living, the others took her years to write and in a way it shows. Like Sisyphus, she struggled to push these rocks up the hill. These are heavy, ponderous tomes full of emotionally distant characters. But they are not supposed to be people they are only there to convey Rand's philosophy.

My belief is that if she had spent half as much time studying Judaism, she would have found all the answers there already. But she had this supersize-me ego, which she thought was good. Well, isn't that expected? She's got an enormous ego, almost as big as Barry's and what's she going to pontificate...that having a huge ego is bad? Nah. So Judaism bad, Objectivism great.

Rand used people to achieve her own ends; she was self-centered, cold, distant just like her creation Dagny Taggart. And people love her. That's fine. I think she's wrong on most things, they think I'm wrong.

What she was definitely not wrong about was Communism. She hated it. She was against any system that dismissed the individual (don't say individual spirit, that's too much like faith and religion). Rand could not have been more for capitalism, believing it the perfect system.

So we will see a resurgence of interest in Ayn Rand from here on in. And if our prayers go unanswered and Barry does win this thing, people will be asking "Who is John Galt?"

Will we be "going John Galt"? And I think yes, unequivocably we will see that.

What does that mean? In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt, in protest against the collectivist rule, withdraws his talents from the mainstream. He will no longer contribute to the socialistic business and government that is in power and encourages others in positions of power to join him. The point is to make collectivism grind to a halt.

If you think we will be victims in a Obama-Pelosi-Reid regime, going John Galt may be one of the few solutions open to us.

Let me say two things this morning. I am Joe the Plumber. We are all Joe the Plumber.
And oddly, surprisingly, I will say something I never imagined I would say. Thank you, Ayn Rand.

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Melissa said...

awesome! and as time has gone on I have come to see things this same way... though I sometimes wish I could be the shiny idealistic kid my oldest daughter is and see things in that hope and change way she does. But she is also realistic and probably doesn't want to be asking who John Galt is because a shocking amount of people will not know what she is talking about...

I have a t-shirt that asks this... very few people know what it is from.