Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Did Biden Mean?

By now everyone knows that Joe Biden was addressing donors in Seattle and went off the rails about some "generated" international crisis. He said Americans wouldn't like Barry's response, that we wouldn't think he was right but stick with them.

All candidates are brought somewhat into the fold regarding the international situation--I hope they're smart enough not to give Biden details--so we might assume he heard something that stirred him to make these comments. There is a grain of truth or more in his statement over the weekend.

If we wanted to search for the obvious crisis, we don't have to look far. Israel and Iran. Iran loves to test countries. They did it to England and the Brits failed when their captured military personnel were more interested in their goody bags than resisting being taken hostage. To think Iran would test Barry, why not? Israel is always their first stated target to be wiped off the map, so imaging Iran would start there doesn't require hallucinogenic drugs.

Barry's a pacifist and a wussie so if Iran attacks Israel, isn't that really all to the good for Barry? He will be in office and no longer need the Jewish voters who he has lied to throughout the campaign. His despicable advisor Samantha Power has already suggested using the US military to help protect the Palestinians from the Israelis. He will do nothing to help Israel. We will all shriek. Barry won't care as it's all part of the longterm plan. That's when we'll be harangued to stick with him and use our influence in our communities to further convince the unbelievers of The One's astute handling of the Jewish Problem.

And this is going to happen in the first six months. What happens next? Big things, very bad things as the regime positions themselves to remain in power. They have to cut the Republicans and especially the conservatives off at the knees. The Fairness Doctrine will be enacted as quickly as possible to shut down talk radio. Then they will go for the blogosphere.

We will all be moaning "This is not the America we knew." Fools! It's not supposed to be the America we knew and loved, it's the America that has been in the imagination of Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, George Soros and Karl Marx. The United Socialist States of America.

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