Tuesday, October 28, 2008


PUMA--Party Unity My A**.

I would never have imagined how determined these women are to work for John McCain now that Hillary is out of the race. They are impassioned and determined. They, unlike Obama supporters, love America and want the best for it. They think (and probably quite correctly) that McCain as POTUS would work with Hillary. They see his health care plan as reasonable. Conservatives aren't so thrilled with everything McCain but Country First indeed.

Thank you, PUMAs for all you're doing for America. You are true patriots.

It's hard to imagine Americans voting for the destruction of America as we know it. Obamabots see everything bad in America and we see it as a force for good in the world. We embrace the Constitution while Barry wants to change it.

How does that work out if Barry's elected President? The oath of office calls for the president to support and defend the Constitution and he's clearly stated he wants to change the Constitution.
What a loathsome individual he is.

If McCain wins, the commies who support Barry aren't going away. We still have a fight on our hands to defend America from these creeps.

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