Sunday, March 1, 2009

Am I Misremembering This?

Mitt Romney--20% favor him in 2012 at CPAC this week?

Wasn't it last summer that Mitt Romney was spoken of as if he had 3 nipples and a forked tail because he was a Mormon and everyone *knows* Mormons hold odd beliefs? Because some on the right threw a tizzy fit about Mitt, we got stuck with McCain and lost the election. Thanks a lot guys, yeah, I think you're partially to blame.

Now suddenly Mitt looks attractive. Well he was always attractive, competent and a true believer in capitalism and there is also the small fact that at least he's run a company in his life which we cannot say for Prince Narcissus.

We can't do this again. We have to become adults, conduct ourselves as adults and vote like adults. If we don't this country is dead. Okay? Is that plain enough for you? America will die if left in the hands of the Neo-Socialists. So be a big picture person for the next election. Think it over. We're all depending on you.

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