Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Sorry

Remember a few years ago when all the moonbats took photos of themselves being sorry for the Iraq War? (Funny how Saddam Hussein was never sorry for anything.)

Now we have this--which I don't believe but okay let's pretend it's a real thing and I believe (because I was enrobed in some fairy dust on my way to the computer).

Wouldn't we all be thrilled if a goodly portion of the Prince Narcissus voters actually did have buyer's remorse?

We must allow that a goodly portion love him and will always love him no matter what he does because they believe America should be killed. Since America is in the initial stages of being killed, for them he's king and it's all good.

But some didn't think this through, they felt a Bon Jovi moment "I'm a cowboy, a steel horse I ride, I'm wanted---dead or alive". Immature, the response of a 17 year old boy or a 35 year old boy, they had a dose of BDS because they weren't wearing a condom when watching the news or talking to the comrades, so they voted for the Neo-Socialist (Neo-Soc from here on in) agenda without realizing it because they don't know what socialism is or what the Constitution gives them.

We have a lot of ignorant people in this country due to 40 years of socialist indoctrination and lousy teaching in public schools. So a lot of people simply rebelled against the father figure of the time, George Bush. It didn't really matter who it was, it was just a childish tantrum, a laugh, a lark.

And now we're stuck with the schmuck.

They should be sorry. They do owe America an apology and they should work with us to put this mistake right. It can be fixed. It can be rewound--sorry Mr. Levin, I'm not buying your position that it can't. But it will be difficult, nearly impossible, but America was an impossible dream. America was the first time people were to be accorded such freedom and the ruling classes would never want that. They don't want it now in Washington.

Remember the gifts you have been given. Freedoms still unknown and undreamed of over most of the world. Fight for that freedom as those before did. America is a bigger idea than the puny ideas in Barack Hussein Obama's head.

My country right or wrong.
If right, to be kept right.
If wrong, to be put right.
---Carl Schnurz

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