Monday, March 2, 2009

Tracht Gut, Zain Gut

What does that mean? It's Yiddish for if you think good, good will result.

In the past years the moonbats took over the culture and bombarded us with their nonsensical pseudo-spiritual blather. One was supposed to think positively and the universe acting like a cosmic cash machine would belch out the goodies. Oprah is big on this. Obviously that's not going to happen but being moonbats they couldn't figure that part out. Or we are presented with a view of life that's unremittingly grim. There's nothing Hollywood likes more than a script about a couple low-life meth dealers living in a dirty trailer out in Victorville. Choose your poison, America.

We should be clever enough to know life is not as grim as the pinheads in Hollywood insist. We should also know the whole think positively dictum is flawed. You can think positively when someone is ill and they die anyway. You can think you'll get a job and you don't. Why is this post about thinking good and good will result when we all have examples that prove the reverse? Unless I'm playing a switcheroo on you and I'm going to argue that thinking that good will result from thinking good is for immature morons, you should be wondering where I'm taking you.

One day quite a few years ago when I was employed I said I prayed about something and the boss barked at me "What happened?" and I said "I felt better." He was baffled. The poor man, an ex-alcoholic, womanizer, liar, mean-spirited opera lover couldn't figure it out.

The left inherently is negative. Everything is always wrong and always requires fixing. Lots of fixing, expensive fixing, usually by them or the government. We've been force-fed this mindset for about 50 years. We're victims, we're pitiful, we're slugs. There's no God to turn to for solace, only the latest self-help book written by a moonbat. There's always therapy and moonbats love that field. There's drugs, one of their favorite things ever!

No wonder Prince Narcissus could spout a platform as nebulous as hope and change and win. He had the moonbat vote sewn up.

But that was a bait and switch because he's reverted now to the standard Left view that we're all victims, we're pitiful, we're but slugs and we need massive government intervention to save us. Funded by us. But we're too stupid to know how to spend our own money so we need big government to do it for us.

So sad.

And I see the right, the Republicans and even Conservatives, going along with this nonsense. CPAC: Epic Fail! Is the newest chant. A couple days before that it was the stupidity of the American Tea Party movement. Whether it's in politics or the economy, the knee-jerk reaction is to cut the public off at the knees and render us helpless and depressed.

Even the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages recognized that people cannot live under continued defeat and gloom. That's why there were feast days and celebrations throughout the year. You have to give people some bright spot reinvigorate them to enliven them to make life worth living.

Of course under Socialism this isn't true. You don't want the people happy. You can't control happy people. (Read Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose for further illumination of this concept.) Crushed and demoralized people are owned by the state. They are mindless slaves.

We cannot save ourselves or this country if we fall into the abyss of negativity. We must begin to see there is value in taking action, any action, even if it's silly or fruitless action. Tea parties even. Why? Because action is resistance. Inaction is surrender. Do something, do anything. We will find the right things to do in time.

But wait. I haven't yet addressed the title of this post. If you think good, good will result. What do you want? A treasure chest filled with gold coins? Is that the only good you recognize? How about doing something for someone and seeing them smile? I left cookies in my mailbox for the mailman sporadically for months. One day he came to the door, put his hand on my shoulder and thanked me sincerely.

Think of the good things you can do and act on them. Believe you can make a contribution to life whether on a large stage or a small one. Focus on the good in the world, a flower, a vista, a puppy, a work of art bequeathed to us from generations past. These are the gifts we ignore. If we look for the good, we will find it. It will find us. That is the treasure in the treasure chest of life.

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